We are in winter now, and like it or not we must be ready for it. The inevitable chill weather that comes along with the cold season shouldn't stop you from getting to work or school or whatever. That’s why ideally we need to prepare ourselves and of course our car before the winter. There are a few simple steps you need to do to make your vehicle ready for the winter. All of those things are listed here in this tutorial to store the car for winter. By following the recommended actions, you can prevent unexpected dead batteries from getting stuck in the snow when trying to breaking down in the middle of nowhere during the freezing days. The cold weather of winter throws some chilling challenges at motorists that can only be avoided with little preparation we have listed below. Well, washing and waxing your car to detailing its interior is absolutely necessary to do, but it is even equally crucial to take care of the car before we put it into storage. Here is we present step by step of the tutorial to store a car for winter you need to do to make it ready for the winter:

Pay attention to every detail

Make sure that you clean your car thoroughly inside and out before you put it into storage. Apply a good handwash on your ride, then polish up that chrome and also apply a coat of wax to the paint after it is clean. If you are sure it is clean already, you can put a car cover on it. Remember to pay attention to every detail so that you won’t miss anything, even for just a drop of tree sap. If you find unpainted metal places under your vehicle that are prone to rust, go and get a can of rubberized undercoating and then spray on a protective coat. You might need to reapply it yearly to for a preventive solution. Be careful when spraying this coating near any exhaust components because this product can be flammable. You can also make use of a coat of WD-40 if you are not sure about keeping it in original condition. For an alternative, you can even stuff a sock in the exhaust pipe to prevent the small animal from finding a new place to settle in. Don’t forget to remove this coat before starting the car again.

Since you are cleaning the car thoroughly, you also need to throw out any food wrappers, and any trash that may have accumulated in your car’s cabin. This cleaning step should be done in advance before having the carpet a steam-cleaning. A set of seat covers might be necessary for added interior protection, while to soak up the car’s cabin moisture, you can get a few packs of desiccant to place on the floor. Besides setting some steps to maintain the car’s cabin, you might also need to do some tricks to prevent any trouble from small animals when they are getting inside the vehicle. One of the methods is by putting the cheapest dryer sheets inside the cars. Placing a mothballs in socks and set them inside and around the car is another alternative you can do, but maybe you need to air out the cabin to get rid of the distinctive smell. Or just simply put a mousetrap inside the car to prevent them entering you’re the cabin.

Inflate the tires properly

If you want to store your car for winter, we recommend you to inflate the tires to a higher air pressure. Tires of the vehicle can slowly lose pressure over time and affected by temperature change that makes it worse. That’s why you need to inflate them properly with the higher air pressure, but don’t try to exceed its maximum air pressure which is listed on the side of the tire. Make the car ready for any time during the winter by filling all four tires to the correct air pressure. Replace the leaking tire before storing the car because it will deflate completely over time. If you think it is necessary, you can put the car on jack stands to take the weight off the tires and suspension. Read the recommended steps for doing this because the procedure for doing this vary from one car to car. You can also consult with someone around you to know the proper and safe way to raise your vehicle with this method.

Fuel and lubrication

Using a fuel stabilizer is a good idea as Reckow says that most ethanol-blended fuels have a shelf life of around three months. The stabilizer will help prevent corrosion in the fuel lines and engine if you are storing the car more than three months. You can add fuel stabilizer to a nearly full gas tank before storing the car into storage. Changing the car’s oil and oil filter as well as inspect and top up the other fluid levels before storing the vehicle. Make sure your vehicle has enough antifreeze if you live in a colder climate. After preparing the car with proper fuel and lubrication, take it out for one last ride to circulate the new fluids.

There is another important part you should pay more attention to, that is the car battery. It should be either stored or removed or even let it connected to a trickle charger or battery tender. However, make sure that the battery tender or charger has a float mode or automatic shutoff feature to prevent overcharged battery. In this case, you can run the cable of the battery tender up through the underside of the engine bay to keep the hood closed and the car cover in place. You can also set the battery on a piece of wood in the garage and attach it to the tender if you want to remove it but still have it on a battery tender. Don’t let the battery to get freeze because the frozen battery may crack. That’s why you need to remove the battery and store it in a warm room.

Well, the steps above are enough to make your car ready to be stored in your storage for winter. You can finish the process by covering the vehicle with the best car cover to protect its freshly waxed exterior from the possible accumulating dust and dirt.