2019 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 News and Rumors

2019 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 

It is no wonder that Ford performance is now moving forward with what we call as an all-new 2019 GT500 considering such success behind the Mustang Shelby GT350 program on the S550 platform. It has been rumored ever since the Shelby GT350’s started hitting the road that Ford Performance would turn it up to 11. The new Ford Performance is also rumored to come out with a car that simply blows everything out of the water. After taking some consideration, if this new Shelby GT500 is then set for the 2019 model year (not confirmed yet), that would be six years of research and development to figure out how to make more power and also put it down more effectively. Now the fact that the horsepower numbers have been released on the Mustang of 2018 model, then another 2019 GT500 mule is spotted on the street benchmarking a Porsche 911 GT33. Related to this excitement for getting the upcoming engine, we don’t have much detail about it but some 2019 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 news and rumors.

2019 Shelby GT500 with a 5.2L Supercharged Cross-Plane Crank (CPC) V8

On top of that, from the heavy camouflage plastered covering all over the car, we can’t gather much about it, but we can see there is quite a bulge in the center of the hood which could be mean one thing that there was some extra room needed for placing a supercharger under the hood. Additionally, we saw both the rear and front tires are wide enough from what we’ve caught on the S550 in the Shelby 2015-2017 model years. It’s very much exciting to seeing what come next. Finally, we get a chance to know a bit about what we are going to see next from some good guys at Mustang6G. from here, we’ve got a handle on what this new Mustang Shelby will sound like with some clue of what is under the hood. We got a lot of hints from the video.

After watching the video, we can describe that this is a cross-panel crank (CPC) V8. Well, it sounds more like a Coyote 5.0L in the GT than it does the 5.2K flat-plane crank out of the GT350. It makes sense from here, especially if we throw a supercharger into the equation. In testing, it is rumored that the supercharger was running out of steam on the 5.2L FPC engine north of 7,500RPM. By switching over to the traditional CPC, apparently, the supercharger can make better, more reliable power throughout the entire curve. If we add this point to the fact that Ford Performance has been testing their all-new 5.2L Aluminator XS Engine with the cross-plane crank (CPC), we are able to see through the windows that this prototype caught on video that it has a roll cage peeking through the rear, on top of the engine. We don’t get the absolute fact of what to make of this, but we are enthusiastic of what’s to come. A friend from Mustang6G told us that we could expect the new 2019 Shelby GT500 to feature the 2018 mid-cycle refresh exterior, and the north of 800 horsepower, dual-clutch transmission is derived from the Ford GT, and potentially it is a manual transmission option.

Wide Tires of full camo 2019 GT500

Some latest spy photos on the 2019 Mustang GT500 give us another clue pointing to what we could expect to see on the next GT500 as we dig deeper into the spy shots of Ford and Ford Performance that has done one heck of a job in keeping the project under wraps. The first clue is telling us about the tires which are the largest takeaway from this set of spy shots. The photos showed us clearly that the front tire reads 305/30ZR/20, with the question of a 21-inch rear wheel. So, it is obvious to us that these are the new Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires that we are going to see on the GT Performance Package Mustangs for the current model as well.

We also get the rumors saying that in the GT350 will get a supercharged cross-plane crankshaft version of the 5.2L engine. Can’t wait to see more on this. And luckily, we got a peek at the engine bay of what supposed to be the GT500 prototype from the other spy shots. Once the hood was popped, we can see a supercharger peeking over the Mustang Shelby’s 5.2L Voodoo Engine. Based on some sources, it is a supercharged version of the GT350’s 5.2L Flat Plane Crank V8 Engine. Well, it is exciting to emphasize the flat plane crack aspect because it will be very much impressive to see a supercharged 5.2L rev up to 8.200 RPM without getting any issues. We wonder if there any internals were swapped out due to the high compression ratio of what we got off the previous naturally aspirated GT350 engine at 526 horsepower level. After hearing all about that, it’s so exciting to see ahead when the expected power numbers are indeed true. It will be a great revamped for the ongoing 2014 GT500 which has made a not-so-modest 662 breath-taking horsepower.